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The Ultimate Fire Fighting Vehicles

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Advanced Design and Construction

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Advanced Chassis System

Lighter. Stronger. Faster.

The COLET Patented Monocoque Chassis and Active Reactive suspension systems give our vehicles superior performance and durability. Our vehicles are significantly lighter and more stable than the competition helping first responders get to the scene safer and faster.


Advanced Fire Fighting Systems

Effective. Powerful. Reliable.

Each COLET Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle is designed and built for optimum performance and capability. A variety of fire fighting delivery systems can be equipped to suit the needs of each customer.


Built to Last.

Efficient Design. Advanced Manufacturing.

The COLET Patented Stainless Steel Monocoque Chassis requires no maintenance. The weight saving design keeps wear and tear to a minimum. Utilization of off the shelf components makes parts availability a breeze. Because our vehicles weigh 20-40% lighter than the competition we don't need specialty parts to handle all that extra strain. That translates to a safer and more reliable vehicle that is easier to maintain.

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